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Who is Uri?

Who is Uri?

Uri is a loud, fun, playful, musical parrot.

Although he is not the protagonist, he knows how to be the center of attention.

He brings us all the songs in the story.

He is the kind of friend you’d love to have, especially on a sad day.

But he is shy too.

He knows how to hide behind Zepeo the donkey when he feels challenged or anxious.

The two characters Uri and Zepeo are very good friends, the best of friends.

You can’t be bored with Uri.

Right from the start of the story, we are told that he's been up to mischief at the eastern market in the Kingdom of Havenia.

Uri’s character draws one in curiosity. He always has something up his sleeve.

He is also hard to miss. He has vibrant colors, high energy, and is full of of which is that tune you listened to at the start of this video.

Uri is very present throughout the story from start to finish.

In the end, he has that last conversation with Prince Benji.

He never misses a moment.

That’s Uri.

Catch more of him in Prince Benji. The paperback is out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book stores for all the early bird readers.

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