Is God Calling You?

In Matthew 4:18-22 we read about when Jesus called his first disciples.

We find two sets of bothers Simon and Andrew and James and John, the sons of Zebedee.

When Jesus finds these people, he calls them to be his disciples.

They had careers.

These first disciples of Jesus were people like you and I.

They were going about their daily duties. Simon who was called Peter and Andrew were fishermen while James and John were helping their father in the boat.

Jesus met them in their area of work, as they were going about their business and the routines of their lives. Just as you may hear the Lord call you into his service as you go about your daily chores, or at school or as you run errands for your family.

They responded immediately.

Jesus said to them “Come, follow me, and I will send you out to fish for people.”

These men were fishermen catching fish so they could relate with Jesus language as he called them to join him to fish for people.

Without him giving them any lengthy or convincing explanations, we see that these first disciples responded to Jesus’ call immediately and followed him. Jesus did not offer them a promise but only a call.

The bible says, “Simon and Andrew at once left their nets and followed him.”

Even James and John who were attending to their family business said goodbye to both their dad and their boat and followed Jesus.

At once means, right in the middle of their activity, they stopped everything they were doing, they put their nets down. They stopped fishing which was something they loved to do and followed the Lord.

We see that they did not ask for an explanation, neither did they ask any questions, but they obediently and quickly made the choice to follow Jesus.

Later on, in the scriptures, Jesus told them that they had a reward because they did this (Mark:29-30).

What a great example we have here on how we too should respond to the call of God on our lives!

Perhaps because we are busy in our lives and are occupied with other things already, we may not respond as quickly. May we learn from Jesus' first disciples how to respond to the call of God.

Have you been called by the Lord?

Have you given your life to the service of the Lord?

Maybe its ministering to the children in the school you attend. Teaching them the word of God. Singing songs with them. Or writing poems.

There are many ways children can be called of God. There are many ways children can serve God.

All we have to be is obedient and willing when God calls us.

Just like these disciples, we too may have to leave behind things we love, even family like James and John the sons of Zebedee to follow Jesus.

If you do not know if God has called you or what you can do to become a fisher of men, simply pray and ask him. He will surely answer you and direct you in his plan for you in his Kingdom and for his glory.

When the first disciples were called, they later on also went into the world to call others to Jesus.

This is what we too have all been called to do by Jesus. To call others to Jesus. To be fishers of men. Jesus instruction to us before he was taken up to heaven in Mark 16:15-16 was, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

If you have not received Jesus as the Lord of your life, this is the first step. Say a prayer and invite Jesus to come into your life. Then find a Christian friend or church near you who can teach you more about the word of God so you can grow and call others too.

Just like Peter, Andrew, James and John, may we respond to the call of God on our lives.

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