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About Prince Benji : The book

It's a celebration fit for a king.

The king's long-lost and beloved son, Prince Benji, is back!

Upon discovering that life outside the kingdom was hard, hectic, and far from what he had expected, Prince Benji returns home - to the kingdom of Havenia. Meanwhile, his older brother Prince Aleka is not too thrilled with the news of his younger brother's return. He wants nothing to do with the royal ball and celebrations the king has prepared to celebrate Prince Benji's homecoming. The ol' friends and keepers of the palace Uri, the parrot, Zepeo, the donkey, and Odam, the horse, celebrate the prince's return with a lavish party. It's a royal adventure filled with music, laughter, food, guests and more music. Uri, the musical parrot, will have you singing all the way through - it's time to make merry, the prince is home!

The paperback is out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online book stores for all the early bird readers.

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